Headline: CCDRS: Call for Proposals

Applications are invited for the Co-Creative Reflection and Dialogue Space at COP27 with the following letter.

The goal of the Space is to discuss research in a more engaging, inclusive, and dialogical way hosted by professional facilitators from the IASS Potsdam.

Dear colleagues joining COP27 in Egypt,

This invitation is for you if you would like to discuss your field of expertise with colleagues at COP27 in an innovative and professionally moderated dialogical format.
As researchers caring about climate change and its impacts, we do not simply want to fly to Egypt to follow the negotiations, aiming to be heard and meet the same people we meet every year at COP. Also, we do not want to host (or participate in) just another panel of experts giving talks that we have already heard and then have time to answer 3 or 4 questions in a Q&A session that always ends when things start getting interesting. We are instead curious about new connections outside our usual bubble. We are specifically curious about exploring relevant knowledge together with people whose perspectives we do not yet know and look for possibilities of co-creating new insights in a collaborative manner.

Therefore, since COP 24 in Poland, we have been experimenting with formats that allow us to discuss scientific content in a more engaging, inclusive, and dialogical way. And this year, for the third time, we will be offering a so-called Co-creative Reflection and Dialogue Space (CCRDS).
Now, it is our pleasure to offer this space to you as an opportunity to discuss your particular field of research.

What we offer:

  • The venue in the blue zone with space for around 15-20 people
  • A dialogical session format (60 or 90min) moderated by professional facilitators of the IASS
  • Announcing your session on our website and Twitter pages.
  • Including your event in a research project

What you need to take care of:

  • Provide a (research) question or topic
  • Give an impulse of ~15min without slides
  • Optional: Include another speaker for an impulse of 10min without slides
  • Bring along people who you would like to discuss with
  • Announce the session in the networks of your relevant peers
  • Fill in a short survey about your session, before your session takes place
  • Agree with us distributing surveys to the participants of your session (researching your session)

If you would like to make use of this opportunity and have your field of research discussed in our space, please send a brief application before October 21 to ccrds [at] iass-potsdam [dot] de (ccrds[at]iass-potsdam[dot]de) including the following information:

  • Guiding question or title of the session
  • 3-5 sentences as additional information on the topic
  • Preferred length of the session (60min or 90min)
  • Your name, affiliation, and contact information
  • Optional: Name, affiliation and contact information of additional impulse speaker

Between Nov 6th and Nov 18th we have ~8 session slots available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards on behalf of the entire team of the IASS CCRDS,

Thomas Bruhn

Please send your application before October 21 to ccrds [at] iass-potsdam [dot] de (ccrds@iass-potsdam).de