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Normative Politics in an Age of Environmental and Digital Transformation

Normative political thought is typically focused on justice. If justice is about the ethical distribution of benefits and burdens in society, then a digitalized, sustainable world offers significant problems. While its boosters promise a more sustainable economy and society, there is limited empirical support for this promise, at least at present. This workshop aims to solidify visions of what this post-transformation, just political community may look like.

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PermaGov Stakeholder Workshop

The workshop is designed to be an interactive platform to discuss, brainstorm, and shape the future of marine governance in the EU. The workshop will bring together about 50 key individuals from research, policy making, industry and civil society.

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European Citizens Deliberation Forum on the Green Transition

REAL DEAL is a community of Europeans who are taking action to build a new model of environmental citizenship for Europe; a model where Europeans are placed at the heart of the decision-making process, making a REAL DEAL for both people and the planet. The In-person Citizens Deliberation Forum, titled 'Towards a European Pact for the Future – Charting the Next Steps in Our Ecological Transition', takes place on Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

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Online discussion

Linking environmental policy goals with social requirements: Local strategies against energy poverty

Reducing the number of the most energy-intensive residential buildings is not only an ecological challenge, but also a social urgency. However, both in Germany and France, the renovation of buildings has stalled. Until it has been completed, local authorities must support households that are struggling to pay their energy bills. In the Transformation Kitchen of the Franco-German Forum for the Future, Eléonore Vinais and Gladys Grelaud report on local solutions to combat the threat of energy poverty.

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Kick-off event for HORIZON Research and Innovation Project

The kick-off meeting for the HORIZON Research and Innovation Project ICEBERG: Innovative Community Engagement for Building Effective Resilience and Arctic Ocean Pollution-Control Governance in the Context of Climate Change will be held at Oulu University in Finnland. Project lead Thora Herrmann (Oulu University) and project coordinator Élise Lépy (Oulu University) will welcome the 16 partners from all across Europe, the RIFS research group Arctic Governance being one of them, for a two-day meeting to set the stage for the coming three years.

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