Headline: Ethics in Digitalization

Technical innovations of the digitization lead to significant changes in society. From the point of view of computer science, the main focus is at the technical side of innovations or at the clear economical aspects for the clients. Not very often they see the consequences of the created "digital ecosystems" for the people and their living together. The remarks enlighten these topics and propose ethical guidelines for human actions and interactions with the technical innovations.

Konferenzbeitrag / Konferenzband

Albayrak, C. A., Renn, O., & Teille, K. (2022). Ethics in Digitalization. In M. Stanković, & V. Nikolić (Eds.), Proceedings of 3rd Virtual International Conference: Path to a Knowledge Society-Managing Risks and Innovation: Serbia, Niš, November 15-16, 2021 (pp. 423-428). Niš, Serbia: Complex System Research Centre, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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