Headline: Data related to Süsser et al. (2021) QTDIAN modelling toolbox (Version 2)

QTDIAN - Quantification of Technological DIffusion and sociAl constraiNts - is a toolbox of qualitative and quantitative descriptions of socio-technical and political aspects of the energy transition that influence the overall potential, the rate of energy-related technology and service diffusion and the design of the future energy system. The output of QTIDIAN is empirically founded datasets of social and political drivers and barriers of the transition, both in the form of raw data describing past and current developments and manipulated to constitute consistent quantifications of the storylines. Here you can download the data for six QTDIAN themes:

Socially feasible scaling of energy technologies Policy preferences & dynamics Barriers to infrastructural development (wind energy, grid development) Citizen energy Private energy demand


Süsser, D., al Rakouki, H., & Lilliestam, J. (2022). Data related to Süsser et al. (2021) QTDIAN modelling toolbox (Version 2). Zenodo.

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