Sabine Söder

Sabine Soeder

Senior Fellow (Alumni)

How do we lead together successfully and with impact in times of growing complexity and insecurity? How can interactions in vivid spaces create tangible results? Sabine Soeder is connecting this kind of questions together with her team around the "living system" of CoCreativeFlow through customized Facilitation supported by visualization. She combines creativity with clear communication and uses innovative forms of leadership and space to generate sustain results and tangible actions.

Sabine Soeder combines her experiences and knowledge as an architect from projects like the Berlin Main Station (employed at von Gerkan Marg und Partner, 1994 - 1998) with a lot of different projects and facilitation in diverse organizations. She uses Visuals as classical Graphic Recordings, Graphic Facilitation and strategic illustrations in an interactive way as a powerful tool for Transformation processes.