Headline: Workshop: Synergies of Arts and Science for Sustainability Transformations

For this scoping workshop on developing synergies between science and art, the organisers envisage both a conceptual as well as practical approach to the topic. They would like to discuss what scientists really think of artists (and vice versa), where they would and could expect the arts to contribute and enhance their own endeavours – and where this is not the case. They wish to go beyond the easy affirmations, which praise the mutual benefits of arts and science in abstracto, while not really creating appropriate spaces for their meaningful interactions.

Artists from around the world, transdisciplinary communicators and artistic researchers will discuss the following questions with IASS researchers: what societal imperatives for transformation call for greater cooperation between the sciences and the arts? What practical hurdles (e.g. prejudices or patterns of behaviour) hinder such cooperation? And what key factors can help to overcome these hurdles?

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