Headline: Lecture: “Frontiers of Industrial Policy”

Over the past two decades, the global manufacturing landscape has been reshaped by profound structural transformations. A lecture by Antonio Andreoni, lecturer in economics at the University of London, addresses and contrasts the variety of industrial policies that a number of major economies have designed and implemented in the recent past in order to govern these transformations. Andreoni will focus on one of the emerging frontiers of industrial policy, namely the design of technological infrastructures supporting emerging as well as transforming industries. Technological infrastructures are extremely different in terms of the technology types (e.g., platform technologies, infra-technologies), functions (supporting emerging and transition industries, systemic de-risking) and institutional forms (intermediate institutions, mission-oriented centres, sector specific or cross-sectoral research and development centres).

Despite these differences, all technological infrastructures provide modern manufacturing systems with a set of quasi-public good technologies, while interacting with the context-specific industrial commons. The study of the German technological infrastructure as well as its interaction with the industrial ecosystem – in particular crowding in and crowding out dynamics – constitutes the core of a new research project on ‘The variety of public goods production, technology and policies: New insights from engineering-economics twists’. The seminar will conclude by sketching the research strategy for this project and its theoretical and policy implications for industrial and sustainable development.  

Time and venue: Wednesday, 17 December, 4 to 5 p.m., Ballroom at the IASS

Please let us know if you are intending to attend: jana [dot] fasheh [at] iass-potsdam [dot] de (jana[dot]fasheh[at]iass-potsdam[dot]de).