Ingo Wolf

Dr. Ingo Wolf

Senior Research Associate

Ingo Wolf has been a senior researcher in the Social Sustainability of Climate Protection and Energy Transition research group since 2019. His research focuses on attitude and acceptance research, the transformation of social systems and social sustainability. As part of the second funding phase of the Kopernikus project "Ariadne - Evidence-based assessment for the design of the German energy transition", he is working on questions of distributive justice of climate protection instruments and the conception and implementation of citizen dialogues in the context of the energy transition. He is also responsible for the accompanying research in the "Science Platform Sustainability 2030 (wpn2030)" project. Before joining RIFS, Ingo Wolf worked at the Free University of Berlin, the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. In this context, he conducted studies on the acceptance of mobility innovations and developed new methods for investigating transformation processes in social systems.