Headline: Five priorities to advance transformative transdisciplinary research

In response to the climate and biodiversity crisis, the number of transdisciplinary research projects in which researchers partner with sustainability initiatives to foster transformative change is increasing globally. To enable and catalyze substantial transformative change, transformative transdisciplinary research (TTDR) is urgently needed to provide knowledge and guidance for actions. We review prominent discussions on TTDR and draw on our experiences from research projects in the Global South and North. Drawing on this, we identify key gaps and stimulate debate on how sustainability researchers can enable and catalyze transformative change by advancing five priority areas: clarify what TTDR is, conduct meaningful people-centric research, unpack how to act at deep leverage points, improve engagement with diverse knowledge systems, and explore potentials and risks of global digitalization for transformative change.

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Augenstein, K., Lam, D. P., Horcea-Milcu, A.-I., Bernert, P., Charli-Joseph, L., Cockburn, J., Kampfmann, T., Pereira, L. M., & Sellberg, M. M. (2024). Five priorities to advance transformative transdisciplinary research. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 68: 101438. doi:10.1016/j.cosust.2024.101438.

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