Headline: Simply Different Fashion: The Balancing Act of Designing a Transdisciplinary Space

There is ample evidence that process design is critical for meaningful inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration. However, practitioners and researchers in transdisciplinary projects are usually overwhelmed with the complex human dynamics in participatory processes and are hardly trained in the sensitive dynamics of working with people. Therefore, this reflexive article extends our practical understanding of the process knowledge of transdisciplinary research by providing deep reflections on design decisions and their implications. We reflect on questions of the why, who, and how of design in transdisciplinarity and the consequences of narrowing or opening these spaces. Then, it dives into a single case and makes use of the opportunity to reflect on a transdisciplinary workshop that took place in June 2022 in a conventional shopping center in Berlin. The interactive space called Simply different fashion served to spark a conversation between visitors of the mall and interested stakeholders about a more sustainable textile industry. The authors of this conceptual work use a reflective journaling exercise that helped to stimulate thoughts about opening and closing spaces for transdisciplinarity. Finally, lessons learnt from practice and for process knowledge are highlighted to strengthen collaboration in overcoming wicked sustainability challenges.

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Beyers, F., Lebherz, A., & Bruhn, T. (2023). Simply Different Fashion: The Balancing Act of Designing a Transdisciplinary Space. Social innovations journal, 22.

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