Headline: Representation in (International) Political Theory - A Feminist Critique and a Call for Dialogue

Who is allowed to speak for whom beyond the state, and which identities are offered and created by this act of speaking? The theoretical and practical relevance of these questions is clear, but the questions imply a number of challenges. In a response to a debate published in 2020, we zoom in on questions of transnational representation before we argue that feminist studies of transnational representation provide critical examples for how to address transnational representation through approaches that combine normative and empirical research. Feminist representation theory and the inspiration that can be derived from it have been left out of the debate. Hence, and through a focused discussion of the contributions of international relations and political theory, we show that feminist interventions bridge theory and practice and provide constant critiques of emerging inequalities and constructions of identity. Feminist representation theory enriches reflections on theoretical presuppositions and moves political theories that are informed by empirical analysis.

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Holthaus, L., Knappe, H., & Martinez Mateo, M. (2022). Representation in (International) Political Theory - A Feminist Critique and a Call for Dialogue. Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 63(1), 111-124. doi:10.1007/s11615-022-00376-9.