Headline: PurpleAir_BLUM-i (1.0.0)

BLUMi_folder.zip: These are the bidimensional look-up matrices (BLUM-i) for the PurpleAir sensor systems using the PMS5003.

BLUMi.R: software (R function) provided to use the BLUMi and evaluate the output of PurpleAir sensor systems.

PA_data_folder.zip: an example set of PurpleAir sensor systems output files. This output can be analysed using the BLUMi R function and the bidimensional look-up matrices (BLUM-i).

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Caseiro, A. (2021). PurpleAir_BLUM-i (1.0.0).

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Climate Change and Air Pollution: Research Needs and Pathways to Policy Implementation