Headline: CO2 carbonation. Cleaning-up the cement industry?

In the European Commission’s “Coronavirus response”, President von der Leyen recently announced the aim of building “a modern, clean and healthy economy, which secures the livelihoods of the next generation”. But what does that mean for high emitting industrial sectors such as cement production? Are they part of “yesterday’s economy”, or will they successfully transition to more sustainable modes of production? Over half of all the materials that humans use on Earth are “cementitious” – including concrete, cement and other building materials – and it is difficult to imagine a life without cement.

Publication Year

Naims, H., Strunge, T., & Olfe-Kräutlein, B. (2020). CO2 carbonation. Cleaning-up the cement industry? IASS Blog, 09.06.2020.

Projects involved
CO2Min - Mineral Sequestration of CO2