Headline: Modelling impact of climate change and air pollution in cities

Considering the significance and importance of urban sustainability in China and China’s history of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, this paper aims to incorporate the investigation of climate change and air pollution in urban sustainability research in China through a driver-pressure-state-impact-response model. The model has 12 indices: population, enterprise, registered vehicles, energy consumption, emissions and concentrations of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, land use change, annual temperature, tropical nights and reforestation were selected. It was used in the analysis of 14 cities in the Liaoning Province. The results show that the model is an effective tool for urban sustainability research, allowing for the investigation of interactions of climate change and air pollution and contributing to the body of knowledge by aiding generation of realistic and practical measures.

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Lu, C., Ren, W., Jiang, L., & Xue, B. (2017). Modelling impact of climate change and air pollution in cities. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability, 170(3), 133-140. doi:10.1680/jensu.16.00002.

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