Headline: The sustainability of green hydrogen: An uncertain proposition

Green hydrogen is increasingly considered a vital element for the long-term decarbonization of the global energy system. For regions with scarce land resources, this means importing significant volumes of green hydrogen from regions with abundance of renewable energy. In producing countries, this raises significant sustainability questions related to production and export. To assess these sustainability-related opportunities and challenges, the authors first present a review of renewable energy deployment in the electricity sector, and then extend it to the foreseeable opportunities and risks of green hydrogen production in exporting countries. The paper finds that questions of freshwater and land availability are critical from an environmental and a socio-economic point of view, and that the development of international standards for the governance of hydrogen-related projects will be crucial. These should also address potential conflicts between the deployment of renewable energy for the decarbonization of local power grids, and the export of green hydrogen.

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Cremonese, L., Mbungu, G. K., & Quitzow, R. (2023). The sustainability of green hydrogen: An uncertain proposition. International journal of hydrogen energy, 48(51), 19422-19436. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2023.01.350.

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