Headline: The Climate and Clean Air Coalition - A Voluntary Initiative for Climate and Air Quality

Non-traditional and transnational actors have become essential for environmental and climate change governance. One of these actors, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), has taken over a lead role in the governance of SLCPs. Since 2012, the CCAC has been pushing for an increased political dialogue on the one hand, and fostering technical expertise, projects, and a knowledge network on the other hand. This voluntary alliance is an interesting research subject because it brings together a mix of over 150 governmental, intergovernmental, NGO, and scientific members, who closely work on reducing global near term-warming as well as improving air quality, health, and further aspects of sustainable development. This chapter focuses on the CCAC’s role in the international policy landscape and on what it can contribute to SLCP governance. It describes the CCAC’s structure, modus of operation, and activities, and then scrutinizes its potential and challenges for SLCP governance. Furthermore, this text seeks to provide a perspective on the CCAC in the global climate and environmental policy landscape.

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Unger, C. (2024). The Climate and Clean Air Coalition - A Voluntary Initiative for Climate and Air Quality. In Y. Yamineva, K. Kulovesi, & E. Recio (Eds.), Reducing emissions of short-lived climate pollutants: perspectives on law and governance (pp. 165-188). Leiden; Boston: Brill/Nijhoff. doi:10.1163/9789004684089_008.

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