Headline: Planetary Health. Recommendations for a Post-Pandemic World

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, health is receiving unprecedented public and political attention. Yet the fact that climate change also presents us with a health crisis deserves further recognition. From more deaths due to heat stress to endangering food security and access to clean water, climate change affects the environmental and social determinants of health in ways that are profound and far-reaching.

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Mar, K. A., & de Paula, N. (2020). Planetary Health. Recommendations for a Post-Pandemic World. 2030 - Welt ohne Hunger, 21.07.2020.

https://www.weltohnehunger.org/full-article/PlanetaryHealth.html https://www.weltohnehunger.org/beitrag-lesen/planetare-gesundheit-empfehlungen-…
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