Headline: Ein Zukunftsfonds für Deutschland?

Germans are generally very conservative when it comes to investing and this in turn leads to low returns in times of low interest rates. Asset accumulation, among other things, motivates various sovereign wealth fund models. Funds geared toward one purpose are primarily proposed: e.g. for financing the sustainability turnaround, education or local public transport. But funds that are primarily geared toward returns and distributions are also conceivable. These can be credit-financed in order to use the excellent creditworthiness of the German state and thus a possible yield difference between borrowing and investment. The establishment of a limited public company is also proposed. A fund can also be financed by tax increases. The last question to be discussed is to what extent such a fund runs counter to the debt brake or the Stability Pact.

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Bönke, T., Löw Beer, D., Leggewie, C., Schlüter, T., Schellnhuber, H.-J., Krebs, T., Fuest, C., Boysen-Hogrefe, J., & Fiedler, S. (2019). Ein Zukunftsfonds für Deutschland? Wirtschaftsdienst: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, 99(8), 527-545. doi:10.1007/s10273-019-2488-7.

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