Headline: Die Rolle(n) transdisziplinärer Wissenschaft bei konfliktgeladenen Transformationsprozessen

In light of the three major global transformations of globalization, digitalization and sustainabilization scientific research faces new challenges and targets. Scientific studies are supposed to provide background knowledge, to facilitate the desired transformations and to offer assistance for resolving the conflicts and tensions that arise in the course of these three transformations. Concepts such as transformative, transdisciplinary or co-creative research elucidate the direction in which scientific research finds its new role(s). Based on the discussion of these concepts that are central to the readership of GAIA, the article analyzes a new modular concept for a transdisciplinary scientific approach combining and integrating classic curiosity-driven research with goal-oriented (advocacy) knowledge and catalytic, process-oriented expertise. This integration leads to a process of co-creation aimed at merging different knowledge pools and providing orientation for collective action.

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Renn, O. (2019). Die Rolle(n) transdisziplinärer Wissenschaft bei konfliktgeladenen Transformationsprozessen. GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 28(1), 44-51. doi:10.14512/gaia.28.1.11.

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