Headline: Entwicklung und Gerechtigkeit durch Transformation: Die vier großen I ; Sondergutachten

2015 saw a historic double success for sustainability and climate policy. The 2030Agenda for Sustainable Development, with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),and the Paris Agreement on climate protection establish a system of ambitious policygoals for the world. The group of twenty major industrialized and emerging economies(G20) now needs to resolutely advance implementation of both agreements, seizingthe opportunity of this ‘Great Transformation’ to sustainability as a unique modernizationproject that offers substantial economic development opportunities. Completedecarbonization of the world economy by 2070 at the latest can only be achieved byprofoundly transforming energy systems and other high-emissions infrastructures. Thistransformation could inspire Innovation and channel Investment into sustainability andclimate protection, e.g. into sustainable Infrastructures that need to be established andexpanded. At the same time, the transformation could combat inequality and promoteInclusion within societies and globally, thus becoming an equity project. The G20, as acentral global actor, should specifically promote the Four Big ‘I’s of sustainability andclimate policy to ensure that conflicts over resources and their distribution are defusedand international crises avoided. Sustainable development, and in particular globalclimate protection, is currently the only ambitious undertaking that involves all theworld’s nations and resulted in a global consensus. Achievements in this enormous,complex policy field enable countries to establish mutual trust, making the ‘GreatTransformation’ to sustainability also a peace project. Germany’s G20 presidency canset a decisive course for this future programme.

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Kraas, F., Leggewie, C., Lemke, P., Matthies, E., Messner, D., Nakicenovic, N., Schellnhuber, H., Schlacke, S., Schneidewind, U., Brandi, C., Busch, S., Hanusch, F., Köster, M., Kroll, M., Loose, C., Paulini, I., Pilardeaux, B., Schlüter, T., Schöneberg, G., Schulz, A., Stephan, B., Sutter, J., Vinke, K., Wallis, H., & Wanner, M. (2016). Entwicklung und Gerechtigkeit durch Transformation: Die vier großen I; Sondergutachten: Development and justice throughtransformation: The Four Big ‘I’s; Special Report. Berlin: WBGU.

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