Headline: A Sustainable Template for Mesoporous Zeolite Synthesis

A generalized synthesis of high-quality,mesoporous zeolite (e.g., MFI-type) nanocrystals ispresented, based on a biomass-derived, monolithic Ndopedcarbonaceous template. As an example, ZSM-5single crystals with desirable large-diameter (12−16 nm)intracrystalline mesopores are synthesized. The platformprovides scope to optimize template dimensions andchemistry for the synthesis of a range of micro-/mesoporous crystalline zeolites in a cost-effective andhighly flexible manner.

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White, R. J., Fischer, A., Goebel, C., & Thomas, A. (2014). A Sustainable Template for Mesoporous Zeolite Synthesis. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, 2715-2718. doi:10.1021/ja411586h.