Headline: Workshop: Urban Pressure Point Method – Leverages for Urban Transformation

In an urban transition project aimed at changing the systemic provision of resources and resource flows (both biophysical resources and human ‘resources’) within an urban area, it is clear that we cannot change the city or urban region all at once. The complexity and scale of cities as systems of technological, physical, financial, institutional, and socio-cultural path dependencies makes incremental yet strategic transformation essential. But what are the places and/or communities in the city that have a high momentum for change and how can we leverage these places for a wider urban transformation?

In this context, the IASS is currently developing a place-based method - ‘Urban Pressure Point Method’ – which maps pressure points within urban areas and uses their existing pressures as leverages for systemic change. This upcoming workshop should be seen in the realm of Proof of Concept:

  • What potential does this place-based pressure point method have in practice for pushing urban transformations towards sustainability?
  • Can we expect different outcomes compared to system-based transformation approaches?
  • If there is a clear potential, how to take this method forward and what are the next steps to take?

The workshop brings together selected researchers and practitioners from the urban field and will use a Mini Design Charrette (an intensive transdisciplinary design workshop) as a method to achieve practical outcomes.

By invitation only. Contact person: Katleen De Flander, Global Soil Forum: katleen [dot] de [dot] flander [at] iass-potsdam [dot] de

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