Headline: IASS joins Climate and Clean Air Coalition

The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies has become an official non-state partner of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). The CCAC was launched in February 2012 in order to draw attention to “short-lived climate forcing pollutants” (SLCPs), including gases like ozone and methane and particles like soot, and to help curb their emissions. Not only are these pollutants harmful to human health, agriculture and ecosystems, but they also play a large role in climate change - at present, their combined role is nearly as large as carbon dioxide. Currently 25 states from all continents are members of the CCAC, including Germany, Bangladesh, Sweden, Nigeria, and the USA. In addition, 23 non-state partners such as the IASS are now working together to mitigate SLCP emissions. For more information about the work on SLCPs at the IASS, please see http://www.iass-potsdam.de/research-clusters/sustainable-interactions-atmosphere/air-pollution-and-climate-change-age. For more information on the CCAC, please see http://www.unep.org/ccac.