Overline: Symposium
Headline: Transformative Designs for Sustainability

Facilitating Mindshifts and Collective Action for Anthropocene-Prosperity

18-20 June 2018, Hanover

Together with the Collective Leadership Institute Potsdam, the Volkswagen Foundation and the Club of Rome, the AMA project of the IASS is hosting a symposium on facilitating mindshifts for sustainability.

The event is mainly conceptualized as a co-creative process that moves back and forth between:

  • empowering three concrete sustainability transformation cases in a way that integrates “inner” and “outer” dimensions of systems change
  • conceptual reflection about how the different inner and outer layers of transformation are concretely effecting each other
  • reflexive and contemplative elements

Why transformative designs?

  • Innovative change approaches address not only to the What, but also the How of sustainability transformations.
  • They support collective action at multiple levels anchored in a systems view of an interconnected world.
  • They enhance the human capability to shape future collectively  for a thriving world.

Why mindshifts?

  • A responsible Anthropocene requires another kind of human consciousness.
  • The way we perceive the nature of reality determines outer action.
  • Individual mindfulness needs to be connected to outer transformative action.
  • Collective behavior change, consciousness development, structural interventions and community building needs to work together.

The Transformation Lab

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