Overline: Transformation Lab
Headline: Transcultural Psychology for Sustainability - Loving life in Times of Global Crisis

The 2-day gathering will bring together primarily Chinese-speaking scholars and practitioners from various psychological and therapeutic backgrounds to discuss issues of transcultural communication and identity in the context of socio-ecological transformation. In an interactive group process, 40-50 participants will reflect current challenges around personal and collective identity and how they can help overcome intercultural divides and communication barriers. Specifically, the participants will explore the relevance of a “biophilic character orientation” (Erich Fromm) in the context of sustainability and how to cultivate it as a leadership quality in transformative (research) processes.

Date: 13 Aug 10:00 – 14 Aug 18:30
Venue: IASS Potsdam, Berliner STr. 130, 14467 Potsdam

IASS Potsdam partnering with Man Diao Transcultural Communication Consulting

Please note: The event will be held primarily in Chinese language with some parts in German and/or English. Translation will be organized spontaneously based on mutual personal support among the participants