Overline: Lecture Series
Headline: IASS Focal Topic Year: “Justice in Sustainability”


Lecture series on the IASS Focal Topic Year on “justice in sustainability"

Climate Mobility Justice: Kinopolitics, Reparations and Mobile Commoning with Mimi Sheller

Caiphas Brewsters Soyapi

African judicial environmentalism, community mobilization and the quest for sustainability

Frank Biermann: Solar geoengineering as a false climate policy solution

Esteban Servat: Climate Crisis Activism from a Southern Perspective

Indigenous Climate Politics and Justice between Generations with Matthias Fritsch

Hydrogen Justice with Franziska Müller and Johanna Tunn

Tasneem Essop: Civil society in climate forums: the challenges to building consensus around climate justice

Leah Temper: The transformative power of resistance against extractivism

Gina Cortés Valderrama: Gender-Just Climate Solutions: Bottom-up Approaches to Systemic Change

Navdeep Boora: Agrarian and Environmental Justice - The Farmers Movement in Northwest India

Louis Kotzé
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Neubauer et al. versus Germany: Planetary Climate Litigation for the Anthropocene?