Headline: "Getting back to earth: We’re losing what feeds us" – Panel discussion

More than 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil is lost every year – it is literally blown away by the wind, washed away by severe rainfalls or sealed under roads and urban developments. Our most important basis for life is lost with the soils. They are our food producers, water stores, water purifiers and climate regulators, and they are also home to a large part of the world’s biodiversity. So how can we protect soils?

To discuss this question in the run up to the Global Soil Week, the IASS Potsdam is hosting a panel discussion in conjunction with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Agro Coordination:

  • Urs Niggli, Director of the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture
  • Reinhild Benning, Head of the Agricultural Policy Unit at Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND)
  • Alexander Müller, Senior Fellow supporting the Global Soil Forum at the IASS Potsdam
  • NN., German Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, Nutrition and Agriculture

The event is being moderated by Christine Chemnitz, international agricultural policy advisor at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

You do not need to register.

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