Headline: Book Presentation „Change Through Knowledge. Opportunities and challenges of democratic participation; from Stuttgart 21 to the Energy Transition“

In the context of various experiences with „Stuttgart 21“, the expansion plans for the Frankfurt Airport as well as from the ethics commission „Safer Energy Supply“, the book „Change Through Knowledge“ edited by the IASS contains contributions from renowned authors such as Heiner Geißler, Gesine Schwan, Claus Leggewie, Reinhard Loske and Matthias Kleiner. These authors provide some provocative answers to the question how successful participation models must be shaped and legitimated in order to revive our democratic culture. The authors draw on the results of the workshop „Change through knowledge – Knowledge through change“, which took place in October 2011 at the IASS and analyse the following questions: What are the conditions for successful democratic participation? How can the idea of democratic participation be taken further? The same process was also applied in relation to the Energy Transition: Is it possible to activate the dynamically developed knowledge that is available in society and to implement it in politically legitimate decisions?

The main thesis of the book is that social change and social knowledge influence each other positively. „Change Through Knowledge“ is edited by IASS Executive Director Professor Klaus Töpfer as well as Dr Dolores Volkert and Ulrich Mans, both researchers at the IASS, and was published by oekom verlag on July, 29th.

Professor Klaus Töpfer will present the book together with Professor Jürgen Renn, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, and with authors of „Change Through Knowledge“, on 9 September at 7 p.m. in Berlin in the rooms of the Max Planck Science Gallery Berlin.



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