Overline: Online Conference
Headline: Better Climate Governance Matters

Supporting global climate action by improving the effectiveness of UNFCCC meetings

As countries begin to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change continues to exacerbate, COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 seeks to move towards increased 2050 ambition, conclude negotiations of the Paris Rulebook and shine a spotlight on the importance of non-national actors. The 2020 Climate Dialogues moved discussions into a virtual space. These developments raise questions about the future shape of the UNFCCC meetings and how they can best facilitate the global implementation of the Paris Agreement.

This two-day conference provides a forum for negotiators, non-national actors and the UNFCCC secretariat to develop and exchange ideas about how the UNFCCC meetings can be shaped to improve their effectiveness in supporting global climate action in the 2020s. It addresses key questions on improving the decision-making process, how the format would need to change to make better use of the knowledge of non-national actors and how countries can best leverage learning of other actors through knowledge transfer and capacity building.

The sessions will focus on the following questions: 1. How can UNFCCC decision-making and knowledge-sharing be improved, e.g., which formats support a culture of communication that is more conducive for effective negotiation and climate action? 2. How can countries best leverage the learning of others, e.g. through knowledge transfer and capacity building? 3. How would formats need to change to make better use of non-national actors?

The conference will mark the launch of the Better Climate Negotiations Toolkit with recommendations on improving the effectiveness of the UNFCCC meetings as well as the Better Climate Governance Network of leading actors interested in improving the effectiveness of climate governance within and beyond the UNFCCC.

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