Headline: The IASS at the UN Climate Summit in Paris

At the much anticipated UN climate summit in Paris, the scientific director and scientists of the IASS are involved in a number of briefings and public events. Here are some examples:

December 3, 10-11:30: Making an Integrated Approach to Air Pollution and Climate Change a Reality in Asia, COP21, Japan Pavilion, Area 2, IASS participants: Maheswar Rhupakheti/Birgit Lode/Mark Lawrence

December 3, 16-17:30: The science of IPCC communication, COP21, Bellona-CICERO pavilion, Hall 3, IASS participant: Mark Lawrence

December 4, 12:30-14: Joint IASS/UNECE Side Event “Reduce air pollution to save lives and combat climate change”, COP21, “blue zone”, EU Pavilion, IASS participants: Mark Lawrence (scientific introduction), Birgit Lode.

December 4, 15-18.15: Lima Paris Action Agenda Half Day on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, COP21, “blue zone”, Observer Room 12, IASS participants: Mark Lawrence, Birgit Lode.

December 5, 9.30-12.30: Pontificia Academia Scientiarum, Événement sur l’importance de l’Encyclique Laudato Si‘ dans le contexte des connaissances scientifiques actuelles, Institut Finlandais, Paris, IASS participant: Mark Lawrence

December 6,   9.00-10.30:  Global Landscapes Forum, Palais des Congrès, Session: Large scale soil restoration for climate change adaptation, mitigation and food security – what’s in it for smallholder farmers? Hosts:  Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI). IASS Participants: Ivonne Lobos Alva, Jes Weigelt, Anne Flor, Carolin Sperk

December 6, 18-20: CCAC Steering Committee Meeting; Mercure CDG Hotel, IASS participant: Birgit Lode.

December 7, 13-16: CCAC Working Group Meeting, Mercure CDG Hotel, IASS participants: Birgit Lode, Kathleen Mar.

December 8, 15-17: CCAC, 7th High Level Assembly, COP21, “blue zone”, Room 9. IASS participants: Mark Lawrence, Birgit Lode.

December 9, 18.30-20: Joint IASS/CCAC Side Event “Addressing Near-term Climate Change with Multiple Benefits", COP21, “blue zone”, Observer Room 12. IASS participants: Mark Lawrence (presentation), Birgit Lode, Kathleen Mar.