Till Strunge

M. Sc. Till Strunge

Research Associate

Till Strunge holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Chemistry and Process Engineering from TU Berlin. As part of his master thesis and as a student assistant at the Chair for Chemical Engineering & Heterogenic Systems at the TU Berlin, he worked on the Techno-Economic Analysis of CO2 utilization concepts in various projects. Till Strunge has been a research associate at RIFS in the BMBF funded project CO2Min (CO2 capture by mineral raw materials) since October 2018, which investigates the sequestration of CO2 with simultaneous production of marketable products within the cement industry. Here, the focus lies on evaluating economic and social potentials as well as risks. Since October 2019, Till has been a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, where he continues to research evaluation methodologies of CO2 utilization strategies.