Laura Weiand

M. Sc. Laura Weiand

Research Associate

Laura Weiand began working in the Ocean Governance team in February 2019 and has a background in marine ecology and sociology. She is conducting research in an effort to advance and strengthen regional ocean governance as part of the Partnership for Regional Ocean Governance project. Previous to this, she conducted research in the ClimPol project, focusing on policy implementation processes and public perceptions related to mitigating climate change and air pollution.

Prior to joining RIFS, Laura led a socio-ecological research and development project in West Papua, which focused on capacity building, marine monitoring, and the sustainable management of marine protected areas. Her thesis, conducted with the ZMT-Leibniz Centre for Topical Marine Ecology in Bremen, investigated top-down and bottom-up anthropogenic divers that regulate coastal marine ecosystems, in Makassar, Indonesia.