Anna Huencke

Dr. Anna Hüncke

Research Associate

anna [dot] huencke [at] gfz-potsdam [dot] de

Anna Hüncke, PhD, is a research associate at the German- French Forum for the Future of RIFS since November 2020. The Forum was created by the Treaty of Aachen in January 2019. It was founded to "work on the transformation processes of our societies". Over several years the Forum works closely with a number of municipalities and other local authorities in France and Germany that are addressing the societal challenges in the two countries. It engages with few initiatives over several years, provides a dialogue platform gathering actors of these initiatives, experts and policymakers, and facilitates the co-design of policy recommendations to be handed yearly to the Franco-German ministerial council and parliamentary group.

Prior to joining the Forum Anna Hüncke conducted qualitative empirical studies in the educational sector, in development cooperation, and on the municipal level. In these studies she was concerned with the topics of environmental and health protection, sustainable working conditions, human rights, crisis resilience, grassroots initiatives and participatory approaches.

Anna Hüncke holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Konstanz, Germany. Her ethnographic doctoral research focused on migration and practices of making an income at the South African-Zimbabwean border and was concerned with the concept of trafficking in persons. Anna Hüncke holds a Research Master in African Studies from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Arts in International and Cultural Business Studies with a regional focus on Southeast Asia from the University of Passau, Germany.